Alto Multiphonics 

A video showing video/audio, fingerings and hints for the 139 alto saxophone multiphonics in the Daniel Kientzy 'Les Sons Multiples Aux Saxophones'.

Fingerings are given in standard format, 123 for left hand buttons, 456 for right.
Palm keys are C1 (D palm key), C2 (Eb palm key), C3 (top E key on right hand), C4 (high F palm key) and C5 (high F# key)
Ta (side Bb), Tc (RH side C key), Tf (auxillary F# key on RH)
X= front F key


RASI Arduino controller for saxophone

A video showing the RASI, an onboard saxophone controller for saxophone. Controls elements in Ableton Live and/or MAX MSP.



A max patch which sustains whatever note is being played. It uses a Max4Live plug-in called Spectral Freeze Pro (as well as a cheap USB footpedal.) I have imported this into Max8 and made a patch. There is a short improvisation using the patch at the start of the video.

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